Introducing Maven AGI: Solving enterprise customer support with our AI agents

May 29, 2024
Jonathan Corbin, Eugene Mann, Sami Shalabi

Re-imagining customer service at scale

A customer's experience with a product can make or break their loyalty. From the first landing page to the final app swipe, every interaction matters. However, the most crucial moment often comes when users need help and seek customer support. Enterprises spend over $460 billion annually on support, with costs per query ranging from $40 to $100+. Despite this massive investment, customer happiness remains elusive. Support teams are under immense pressure to do more with less, often lacking the tools needed to manage increasing demands effectively. Customers, on the other hand, expect immediate responses and become frustrated when their issues are not resolved promptly.

Meet Maven AGI: we’re a platform building AI agents to transform enterprise customer experience through the power of Generative AI (Gen AI). We’re reimagining customer service from the ground up, delivering personalized user experiences with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. Using our native Gen AI platform, AI Agents, in-house technology, and industry-leading accuracy, Maven AGI autonomously resolves over 93% of customer inquiries, cutting support costs by 81%  while enhancing the overall customer experience. 

Companies like Tripadvisor, Hubspot, Clickup, Rho and others are using Maven’s AI Agents to deliver a better customer experience on over 1 million customer interactions in over 50 languages with fantastic results.

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Maven AI Agents @ Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor's support team assists over 30,000 hotels and restaurants along with hundreds of millions of users in 43 countries. Support requests range from simple profile changes from restaurant owners to updating payment information, campaign launches, and changes in property ownership that require complex workflow requests.

Rahul Todkar, Head of Data and AI at Tripadvisor, shares their transformative experience with Maven AGI: "Maven AGI is revolutionizing how we engage, interact, and support our customers. It autonomously handles 90% of incoming queries, significantly exceeding our initial expectations. This allows our support agents to focus on strategic initiatives, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Maven's easy integration with our existing ecosystem and its use of the latest LLM technologies have been game-changers. We are excited to continue our partnership with Maven, exploring new ways to optimize our customer interactions, reduce costs, and improve satisfaction."

The technology behind Maven AGI

Today’s AI technology requires a complete retooling and a fundamental rebuild of your technology stack. Maven separates itself through its ability to ingest any kind of structured or unstructured data, understanding user intent, and leverage a consumer-grade interface designed for ease of use. 

Maven AGI's unique data driven agent-based technology automates complex tasks and provides deep insights. This SOCII GDPR compliant platform delivers the highest accuracy, and speed, thanks to its proprietary architecture. Maven AGI seamlessly integrates with existing systems, handling multiple modalities in over 50 languages with ease while drawing from a comprehensive understanding of past interactions, transactions, and user needs.

The platform offers a suite of tools designed to enhance  customer support:

Smart Help Center and conversational AI
Instantly resolves issues by providing accurate answers and taking actions within customer-facing knowledge bases, help centers, websites, or within the product itself using chat, SMS, or Slack.

Support agent co-pilot
Accelerates human agents' efficiency by integrating natively with Zendesk, Salesforce, HubSpot, and other CRM or support tools. Unique linguistic abilities allow you to service customers in their native language.

Proactive insights
Analyzes user interactions to preemptively address issues, ensuring continuous optimization, solving customer challenges upstream, providing real time visibility to customers interactions with clearly defined categories.

Action Engine: Powers outcomes for users through an in-depth understanding of products, required actions, and user needs. All achieved using natural language with no human intervention.

One of Maven AGI's standout features is its rapid time-to-value. The platform is ready for deployment within hours, trained in days, and integrates seamlessly with existing support systems. This quick implementation allows businesses to see immediate improvements in customer support efficiency and satisfaction.

Building for the future: $28M raise to grow engineering, go to market, and partnerships teams

Maven AGI’s ambition is to develop AI systems capable of human-level comprehension and logic across diverse business functions. Maven AGI transforms workflows by focusing on high cognitive demand tasks starting with customer support and expanding to other critical areas. This means that customers in the future can tell their marketing platform of choice to “give me 100 leads next month,” and Maven will use multiple AI agents coordinated by an orchestration layer to deliver outcomes with no additional human involvement. 

Maven AGI has raised $28 million from AI investors Lux Capital, M13, E14 Fund, Mentors Fund and 786 Ventures, with participation from executives from OpenAI, Google, HubSpot, and Stripe. The funds will be used to further build out the engineering, go to market, and partner organizations.

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