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Transform your customer experience with Maven’s Generative AI without the complex setup.

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Forget bot frustrations and manual decision trees. Maven is not just another ticketing system or chatbot. It’s a comprehensive Generative AI native solution designed to transform the customer support landscape - without the headache.
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Most accurate responses

Delivers answers grounded in truth for even the most challenging questions

Start answering immediately

Can ingest any kind of structured or unstructured data to be deployed with one line of code in days, not months

Ready to integrate

Easily integrates into your knowledge and ticketing systems, with advanced security and compliance standards

Faster, more personal customer support

Our Generative AI solutions accurately answer, personalize user interactions, and take action across the entire support workflow.
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Faster, more personal customer support

Our Generative AI solutions instantly answer, personalize user interactions, and take action across the entire CX workflow.
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Autonomously resolves customer inquiries

Accelerates support teams

Proactively analyzes customer interactions

Enterprises see real results with Maven
"MavenAGI autonomously handles 90% of incoming queries... allowing our support agents to focus on strategic initiatives, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction"
Rahul Todkar, Head of Data and AI at Tripadvisor

"We're seeing a 20% reduction in the time spent on activities like research and follow-up for customer inquiries. This reclaimed time will be redirected towards value-driven activities for our customers. The benefits are clear—it's all upside for us."
Aaron Jones, VP of Service, HubSpot

"Just one week into the trial, rep solves per hour increased 25%. With increased efficiency on reactive operational support, we can invest more heavily in the proactive retention dollar activities."
David Doyle, Head of Support at ClickUp
"I was immediately able to see how powerful it is. After exploring various AI tools and finding them lacking, Maven stood out. Meeting Maven's team, who have an exceptional background in customer experience and AI, instilled confidence in their solution."
Stas Johnson-Chyzhykov, SVP Client Experience at Rho
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Preserve your brand’s authenticity

  • Natural, accurate, and personal interactions
  • Interpret and respond in any language
  • Customizable to your brand's personality
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