Enterprise-grade AI platform

Cutting-edge LLM technology with Enterprise-grade security and compliance grounded in truth.

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We built Maven AGI to answer questions instantly, 
suggest follow ups, and take action

Maven reimagines the customer support experience to lower costs and improve speed and quality while driving better customer satisfaction.
Use AI agents to automate support workflows to achieve up to 80% in cost savings.
Deliver instant, accurate, and personalized support with proactive followup questions.
Take action
Instantly go from question to results through AI-powered actions

Modern Support User Experiences

Maven reimagines the customer support experience to lower costs and improve speed and quality while driving better customer satisfaction.

Conversational AI chatbots

Deliver instant AI-powered resolution across your support channels including SMS, chat, and email
Conversational Natural language interactions
References source materials
Fast, highly accurate document search & summarization
Suggests follow up questions
Feedback loop to further train model

AI Enhanced Agent Experiences

Maven accelerated support agents and teams through the power of Generative AI to understand user requests and sentiment, summarize, categorize and generate responses.

Agent Co-pilot

Make agents more efficient through in-context co-pilot
Reads ticket and proactively provide agents with consistent answer
Improves speed, consistency between agents and quality
Easy copy/paste using accelerators
Insights including ticket summarization and  sentiment
Frictionless integration with Zendesk, Salesforce and more

Insights 360

Receive insights into the most common issues to get ahead of product issues before they reach support
Automatically sort data into relevant categories, improving data organization and accessibility for users
Condense large volumes of text or information into concise summaries, retaining key points and insights
Automatically assess the sentiment expressed in text, determining whether the content conveys positive, negative, or neutral emotions
Deliver automated, data-driven insights that empower users to make informed choices and drive informed actions
Gain insights into customer opinions, reactions, and feedback, guiding strategic decisions and enhancing customer engagement
Frictionless integrations with your existing workflows
and more...
Here we focus on markets where technology, innovation, and capital can unlock long-term value and drive economic growth.
Fully branded chatbot
Use custom logos, colors, fonts and styling on your unique chatbot
Integration friendly
Connect with over 5,000 applications via Zapier
Powered by latest LLM technology
Always using the most powerful LLM and Modern AI including OpenAI GPT4 and more
Reports and Analytics
Deep analytics and reporting that helps understand user habits, and make more informed decisions.
“When a ticket is coming in, it can predict whether it’s a high-priority or low-priority ticket and which agent is best qualified to handle this question. And this all happens before the agent even touches the ticket.”

VP Customer Support