ClickUp's Transformation with Maven AGI: Elevating Customer Support and Team Efficiency
JUNE 11, 2024
ClickUp, a leading project management platform, needed to manage a high volume and complexity of customer inquiries, which affected their ability to engage proactively with customers. The complexity of these inquiries, coupled with the need for swift and accurate responses, placed strain on their support team. Additionally, ClickUp's commitment to delivering a seamless customer experience necessitated a solution that could handle intricate queries efficiently, reduce response times, and ensure consistent high-quality support interactions.

  • Integrated Maven AGI's Co-Pilot and Insights solutions for seamless support.
  • Provided instant, clear ticket summaries and advanced suggested responses.
  • Customized Maven to match ClickUp's unique voice and tone.
  • Achieved a 25% increase in solves per hour.
  • Reduced onboarding time for new support agents.
  • Improved overall support efficiency and proactive engagement capabilities.
ClickUp, a leading productivity platform, prides itself on providing exceptional customer support across a diverse user base. Trusted by millions of users across 2 million teams at companies like Salesforce, Spotify, and Netflix, ClickUp aims to save people time by making the world more productive. With a mission to offer the best customer experience possible, ClickUp continuously seeks innovative solutions to enhance their support operations and maintain their high customer service standards.
Managing Complex Support Inquiries
ClickUp's support team managed a broad range of customer inquiries. Their tiered support system, including Tier 1 and Tier 2 technical support and a proactive support services team, handled a consistent volume of complex queries. The expansive scope of ClickUp's product required support reps to have extensive knowledge across all features, placing significant demands on each support rep. This setup, while effective, presented opportunities to enhance the team’s ability to focus on proactive engagements and relationship-based support experiences, which are essential for fostering customer loyalty and satisfaction.
Maximizing Efficiency and Engagement with Maven
In search of a comprehensive solution, ClickUp's Head of Support, David Doyle, explored various AI tools that could streamline their support processes. After rigorous testing and trials of multiple solutions, Maven AGI stood out for its seamless integration with ClickUp's existing systems and its ability to provide value without increasing the reps' workload. Maven's agent co-pilot is the most intelligent on the market, offering instant summaries and suggested responses, and proved to be a game-changer.
"When looking at AI solutions, we needed to be seamless while adding value. A lot of competitors require someone to do the legwork; the same level of involvement per ticket. Maven is right in our ticketing system and is the first thing reps look at now when opening a ticket.” - David Doyle, Head of Customer Support
ClickUp's proactive support reps quickly embraced Maven, appreciating the efficiency of its summarization and reference features. These capabilities allowed them to understand and respond to customer inquiries more rapidly.
“Since we rolled Maven out, our team's productivity averages have been significantly above our historic expectations. Just one week into the deployment, rep solves per hour increased 25%. With increased efficiency on reactive operational support, we can invest more heavily in proactive retention activities.”

-David Doyle, Head of Customer Support
Tailoring Maven to ClickUp's Unique Voice
The ease of training Maven and setting its brand persona allowed ClickUp to fine-tune the AI responses independently. By meticulously customizing Maven to reflect ClickUp's distinctive voice and tone, the team ensured that the AI's assistance was both efficient and authentically aligned with ClickUp’s brand identity. This customization is vital for ClickUp because it maintains the personal and relatable interaction their users expect, which is a cornerstone of their customer experience philosophy. 
"The customization ensured that Maven’s output was not only efficient but also aligned with ClickUp’s brand, emphasizing a human and relatable approach to customer interactions." - David Doyle, Head of Customer Support
Ensuring that every interaction feels genuine and human builds trust and satisfaction among users and reinforces ClickUp's commitment to providing a seamless and cohesive user experience across all touchpoints. This alignment enhances user engagement, fosters loyalty, and sets ClickUp apart in a competitive market where maintaining a consistent and personable brand voice can significantly impact customer retention and growth.
Sustained Productivity and Future Innovations
Since the full implementation of Maven, ClickUp has seen sustained improvements in support productivity. By leveraging Maven, ClickUp has been able to reallocate resources, allowing more focus on proactive, retention-driving support activities.

The transparency and roadmap shared by Maven's team have strengthened the partnership, with ClickUp eagerly anticipating future enhancements. The ongoing development of features like proactive customer outreach and live chat integration promises to further elevate ClickUp's customer support capabilities.

Maven has transformed ClickUp's customer support landscape, enabling the team to handle inquiries more efficiently while maintaining a high standard of service. The partnership with Maven underscores ClickUp's commitment to innovation and excellence in customer experience, setting a new benchmark in the industry. With Maven, ClickUp is not just solving support challenges but transforming their support workflow, ultimately delivering unparalleled value to its users.
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