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Elevate customer service & team productivity
An AI chatbot that actually works. Provide the best customer experience with Maven's generative AI agents that answer, personalize, and take action - grounded in truth.
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The most accurate AI chat for enterprises.
Maven's AI chatbots transform customer interactions into seamless, intuitive experiences, providing real-time responses across SMS, chat, and email. With natural language processing, our bots are conversational  and quickly find personalized information. Deliver precise, personalized service, grounded in truth.

Instant AI-Powered Resolution: Supports real-time responses on SMS, chat, and email.
Natural Language Interactions: Delivers fluent, conversational engagements.
Rapid Document Search: Quickly finds and summarizes relevant information

Enterprises working with Maven see


customer questions
answered autonomously


support agent


decrease in
resolution time

"MavenAGI autonomously handles 90% of incoming queries... allowing our support agents to focus on strategic initiatives, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction"
Rahul Todkar, Head of Data and AI at Tripadvisor

Generative AI Chat Capabilities

Maven goes beyond last generation chatbots, holistically transforming customer interactions into seamless, intuitive experiences powered by AI agents.

Universal language support
Service customers in their native language with seamless translation abilities.
Easy to train
No complex decision trees. Maven AGI integrates directly into your knowledge - structured or unstructured. Utilize our intuitive training inbox for a dependable feedback loop that continuously enhances model accuracy and performance.
Branding customization
Customize your user interface to seamlessly reflect your brand's visual identity.
Brand voice personalization
Define the tone and ensure every interaction embodies your brand’s unique voice and personality.
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