Modern AI for Enterprise support
Faster, cheaper, better AI-driven customer support
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Modern AI that saves you time, money, and sanity

Maven reimagines the customer support experience to lower costs and improve speed and quality while driving better customer satisfaction.
Cut Costs Dramatically
Use AI agents to automate support workflows to achieve dramatic cost savings.
Enhance Customer Experience
Deliver instant, accurate, and personalized support, delighting your customers every step of the way.
Empower Your Support Agents
Accelerate human agents with a Co-Pilot that crafts perfect responses
Savings for cost per ticket
Tickets resolved automatically
Faster response time for agents

Support teams love Maven

“When a ticket is coming in, it can predict whether it’s a high-priority or low-priority ticket and which agent is best qualified to handle this question. And this all happens before the agent even touches the ticket.”
VP of Services Hubspot
Frictionless integrations with your existing workflows